You are a little too late to register for WALS 2019, but well in time to get in gear for WALS 2020 in San Francisco, USA . Just fill out the form on to be informed.


Conference Dates: December, 3-5 2020
PhD Program: December 1, 2020
School Research Lessons: December 2, 2020

Elevating Student Equity
Through Effective, Research-based Lesson Study

Around the world, educators aspire to nurture the learning of all students–including students from cultural, language, and economic groups that have not been served well by educational institutions in the past. WALS 2020 will illuminate how lesson study builds more equitable student outcomes in strands devoted to diverse learners, effective lesson study practice, and productive use of research.


Conference to be held at San Francisco State University.

Registration Opens: 1 December 2019