Public transportation

Public transportation to Amsterdam ArenA Congress Center

ArenA Boulevard 1

1100 DL Amsterdam


It is a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station to the Amsterdam ArenA Congress Center.

By train: use your OV chipkaart or buy an e-ticket for your journey.

By metro: Metro lines 50 and 54 and various (regional) bus lines stop at Bijlmer ArenA train station. Use your OV chipkaart for the journey.

You can plan your trip to the ArenA here.


Local public transportation

Public transport is the best way to learn the city and get to attractions and places of interest. GVB provides public transport by bus, tram, metro and ferry in the Amsterdam area. GVB has 15 tram routes, 42 bus routes, 4 metro route and 7 ferry connections. Use GVB travel planner to plan your journey.

Each day, trams, buses and metros are in service starting at six in the morning and run until twelve thirty at night. Between 00:30 and 07:00, you can travel on night buses. You pay a separate night fare for the night bus. However, a GVB day or multi-day ticket is also valid in the night bus.

Tickets and fares

To travel by bus, tram or metro in the Amsterdam area you need a ticket. There are different kinds of tickets available. The ferry to cross the IJ is free.


Paper chip cards

Chip cards are smart cards that you use to travel with Amsterdam public transport. If you are staying in Amsterdam for a few days then the day or multi-day ticket will be your most economical choice. It provides you with unlimited travel on all GVB trams, buses and metros throughout Amsterdam without having to worry about transfer times at stops. There is a single day ticket if you will be in Amsterdam for one day. It is valid for 24 hours starting at your first check in. During this 24 hour period, you can transfer and check in and out as many times as you want. If you are staying longer than one day, there are also two to seven day tickets (valid for 48 to 168 hours).

OV-chipkaarts, such as the GVB paper day or multi-day tickets, are available at GVB Tickets & Info counters at the train stations Central Station and Bijlmer ArenA. In the tram or bus, you can only purchase a GVB day ticket from the driver or conductor. All day tickets can also be purchased at ticket vending machines at all metro stations. For more information, click here.


1 day (24 hours): € 7.50

2 days (48 hours): € 12.50

3 days (72 hours): € 17.50

4 days (96 hours): € 22.50

5 days (120 hours): € 27.50

6 days (144 hours): € 31.50

7 days (168 hours): € 34.50


Amsterdam Travel Ticket

If you arrive at Schiphol Airport, the Amsterdam Travel Ticket is also an option. This ticket provides unlimited travel on the train, Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Niteliner N97 (of Connexxion) between Schiphol and Amsterdam and unlimited travel for all GVB trams, night buses and metros. The ticket is available for 1, 2 or 3 days. For more information and to buy this ticket, click here.


1 day: € 16.00

2 days: € 21.00

3 days: € 26.00


This ticket is valid from the first time you check in until 04:00 in the morning after the last valid day. The day starts at midnight.