PhD pre-conference and WALS Expert Seminar

Watch the 1st WALS 2019 webinar here. This webinar gives you a taster of the three strands of the WALS 2019.


It consists of three PhD presentations along the three strands:

– Crafting – Tijmen Schipper
– Sustainable – Fenna Wolthuis
– Pedagogies – Susanne Jansen

The presentations will be discussed by Stéphane Clivaz, and the webinar ends with a group chat.


Scroll below and find the programme of the PhD pre-conference and more information about registration.

Prior to the WALS International Conference from 3-6 September 2019, a PhD pre-conference is organised jointly with the WALS Expert Seminar. The preconference is open to PhD-students and young researchers for a small fee, the WALS Expert Seminar is invite only. The theme will be ‘WALS as a Learning Community’.  Venue for the morning will be VU Amsterdam, main building – 10th floor, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam and venue for the afternoon will be De Nieuwe Poort (DNP), Vinoly Zuidas, Claude Debussylaan 2, 1082 MD Amsterdam. See for travel instructions the end of this programme.

Programme PhD pre-conference and WALS Expert Seminar

Monday 2 September 2019

PhD pre-conference
Chair: Tijmen Schipper (WALS PhD cie)
WALS Expert Seminar
Chair: Pete Dudley (president WALS)

10.30-11.15 Introduction

An interactive start of the day to get to know each other better:

Venue: VU Main Building 10A-36

10.30-10.45 Host Welcome

WALS President Welcome
Intro Expert Seminar

Venue: VU Main Building 10A-41

Opening keynote

by dr. Peter Dudley (president WALS)

10.45-12.00: WALS as a Learning Community #1

12.00-12.50: Lunch

together with participants of WALS Expert Seminar and interactive poster session Phd Students of Mona Holmqvist

Venue: VU Main Building 10A-36/10A-41

12.00-13.30: Lunch

together with PhD pre-conference participants and interactive poster session Phd Students of Mona Holmqvist
Venue: VU Main Building 10A-36/10A-41

(concurrent: IJLLS Journal Editorial Board Luncheon meeting) – VU Main Building 10A-60)

12.50-13.05: Transfer (walk) to De Nieuwe Poort (Rietzee Zaal)

13.05-15.00: Two interactive round table sessions

(facilitated by Wouter van Joolingen, Sui Lin Goei, Siebrich De Vries, Stephane Clivaz, & Tom Coenen)

Venue: De Nieuwe Poort, Rietzee Zaal

13.30-14.50: WALS as a Learning Community #2

Venue: VU Main Building 10A-41

Walk to venue De Nieuwe Poort, Rietzee Zaal

15.15-15.45 venue De Nieuwe Poort Rietzee Zaal

Sharing the results of the round table sessions moderated by Mona Holmqvist


by PhD student Shirley Tan

Venue De Nieuwe Poort Rietzee Zaal

16.05-16.30: Q&A

Q&A with a focus on how we can strengthen the LS PhD community (facilitated by Stephane Clivaz)

Venue De Nieuwe Poort Rietzee Zaal

16.30: Closing

of the PhD conference followed by drinks in a local bar

Council Meeting (invite only)

Venue: De Nieuwe Poort – David Zaal

Council Dinner (invite only)

Venue: restaurant Circl on ZuidAs

Interactive Poster Session

Special Education in Swedish schools and teacher education – research with implications for practice

A seminar for becoming teachers about special education in Sweden,  by PhD-students and teacher trainers at the Swedish teacher education.

Organizer: Dr Mona Holmqvist, professor Educational Sciences, Malmö university, Sweden.

The presenters come from a National Graduate School in Special Education for teacher Educators, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Initially, the Swedish school-system, escpecially regarding Special Eduction, will be presented. Then research results from the first year, and their implications for practice, will be presented by each PhD-student (3 minutes each). There will be oppurtunities to ask questions and discuss the results. Finally, a discussion about what you see as important areas to study in your country regarding special education and inclusive teaching.

The topics of the PhD-students’ short presentations are presented below.

Theme 1: Leisure time learning and Dance

  • Birgitta Lundbäck and Helén Egerhag: Leisure time center and special educational needs.
  • Balli Lelinge: Flipped classroom in dance education.

Theme 2: Mathematics- teachers’ professional development and students’ learning

  • Catarina Wästerlid: Children’s numerosity in age 6 – results from eye-tracking experiments
  • Malin Gardesten: Teachers’ competence to teach Mathematics.
  • Helena Sjunnesson: Teachers’ awareness of communication as special didactic tool in Mathematics
  • Camilla Nilvius: Responde-to-intervention – mathematics

Theme 3: Teaching students with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  • Emma Leifler: Teachers’ prepardness to teach students with Neurodevelopmental Conditions (NDC: Autism, Asperger, ADHD)
  • Linda Petersson: Pre-school teachers’ professonal development teaching children with Autism.
  • Johanna Lüddeckens: Teachers’ awareness of NDC in upper secondary school – results of digital and in real life interventions.
  • Linda Ewe Plantin: Using Lesson Study to enhance teachers non-verbal communication awareness

Travel instructions*


VU Amsterdam
Main Building, 10th floor
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
From trainstation Amsterdam Zuid: go out of the trainstation at the side of Gustav Mahlerplein, turn right at Gustav Mahlerlaan, turn left at Buitenveldertselaan and then you can see the main building of VU Amsterdam.
Within the main building (glass entrance) turn left towards the elevators, or ask one of the hostesses in red the directions.

De Nieuwe Poort

From trainstation Amsterdam Zuid: go out of the trainstation at the side of Gustave Mahlerplein, and before the restaurant Koetjes and Kalfjes turn right, De Nieuwe Poort is on your left side. 


Restaurant Circl is on Gustav Mahlerplein. If you go out of trainstation Amsterdam Zuid at the side of Gustav Mahlerplein, you will find the restaurant on the left hand.

*It is not advisable to come by car: parking is expensive and is only limited to three hours.


Registration for the pre-conference is available for € 50,- per participant** .
The pre-conference is also available for PhD students and emerging researchers who are not joining the full WALS conference.

*After registering for the pre-conference programme, we kindly ask you to answer several questions
about your own research (whether you have just started or at the end of your PhD study).
This allows us to cluster the round table sessions around the various research topics.

**Lunch, coffee and tea breaks are included in the pre-conference fee.


Venue will be VU Amsterdam, main building – 10th floor, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam.

Please click here for directions to reach VU Amsterdam.