About WALS

The World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) can be traced back to the Centre for the development of learning-study and School Partnership (CLASP), established at HKIEd with Lo Mun Ling as Director. With ample funding from various projects, the Centre was able to bring in consultants like Ference Marton, Colin Marsh and John Elliott, who provided great support for the work of the Centre. To gain deeper understanding of lesson study, CLASP hosted a series of International Conferences on learning studies starting from 2005. Scholars and researchers from Japan and other countries who practiced learning study or lesson study were invited to share their practice and insights with the Hong Kong team. WALS was formally founded in 2006 at the second International Conference of learning study in HKIED after the expert seminar.


WALS aims to promote and advance the research and practices focused on Lesson Studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It provides a platform for research collaboration, mutual assistance and information exchange among its members. It is made up of educational researchers and teaching professionals committed to the improvement of the quality of learning.

Lesson Study as a tool for professional learning is now practised in many countries and it has helped schools around the world develop into learning communities. Our annual conferences bring together researchers, school leaders and teachers from various countries to share their experience and practice of lesson studies. They also provide opportunities for participants to discuss current and enduring issues pertaining to teaching, learning and research on Lesson Study.


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